• "She Is Love" Book w/new accessories

    Purchase all three and get a FREE Paragon writing Pen.

  • Mood writing tablet

    Mood tablet, helps you change your mood because you have the control. :-)

  • Calender sticky note caddy

    Sticky not and calender helps keep you up to date on journaling and allows youo to wirte on a sticky not prior to writng in your book. save the page. :-)

NHMLA Citizen Science Program

The pictures you see in the ads are photos I shot in my garden and submitted to the City Nature Challenge for 2017. The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County celebrated National Citizens Science Day and Earth day on April 15- April 22. By competing against 15 other cities nationwide to show which city has the most nature. They rallied all Angelenos to get outdoors, snap photos of local wildlife. The city with the most observation wins the most science glory. This was a great excitement for me. I submitted, and I am glad I was able to contribute to the challenge, and I am happy to see several of my pictures were chosen and use in their advertisements.