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Madelyn Commodore’s book helps to keep me grounded. When I begin to feel like my life is running me instead of the other way around. I know I need to refer back to this wonderful book. Modern life has a way of distracting us from our deeper selves. When we lose sight of who we are, life becomes tedious and meaningless. “She Is Love” helps keep me on track.

Written by G. Odom. Veteran and a single woman.

I thank our God for giving Madelyn the vision to write such a beautiful and inspiring book. So, what can I say about "She Is Love" A Reflective Journal for Women? This is truly an amazing book! It has helped me to reflect on ways I can most serve Him. I appreciate the way you portray every woman as a special and unique individual created by God, who is beautiful, loved, valued, and accepted, for who she is. Also, I love how you reflect God's very nature in viewing the beauty as seen through our outdoor surrounding. Every plant, every flower is an expression of the glory of God! You are an extraordinary author and artist who paints a clear picture of God as seen through His creation. As meditate in your book, I gain so much delight in reading, writing, and reflecting on God's grace and mercy in my life. "She Is Love", encourages me to continue to be thankful for God's love, as I sit quietly in my own garden experiencing what it is meant to be in touch with Him through His wonderful creation. Thank you again for sharing what God has poured into you of His ever flourishing magnificence. To God be praised always. Keep inspiring others, my friend. Your sister in Christ. 

 Written by Hertistine Washington.


In light of the current societal. Climate Madelyn Commodore’s book is a refreshing change of pace when so much discord is being shown by levels of society. I am so glad that I can lose myself in a non-controversial work of literature. Kudos to the author for going against the grain.

Written Yvonne M. U.S. Citizen


The book "She Is Love" is an appealing book to the eyes, the split image caught my eyes, and from that drew my curiosity. It's a beautiful book inside out, and I would definitely recommend it to others. I don't think there anything I good say I didn't like about the book, I found myself using it as a stress reliever. The pictures are really vibrant. Reading through the journal constantly educated me on plant life. The pages for reflection inspired me to express myself.

Written by Deborah Logan


The Book "She Is Love" cover attracted me, the self-portrait with the words and flowers brought the title to life visually, and it drew my curiosity. I have also recommended this book to friends and family members. The book is a beautiful reflective journal. The messages, thoughts and beautiful nature photos inspired me to go deep into my journaling practice. The Photos were a gentle reminder of how multi-dimensional my life and all life really is. This journal helped me to work on me, to think about me and it's a little treasure in my library that I go back to again and again.

Written by Makeba Stallings.