When God appoints us he doesn't have to ask our permission.

This letter is to my family, my Pastor, Mt. Sinai family, my close friends, and to any and everybody who is or have cared for an elderly loved one or elderly friend.

I present this letter of thanksgiving to you, filled with gratitude from the bottom of my heart. First, I'd like to thank everyone for his or her prayers for my family, me, and my Uncle. As you still pray today, over the past months, and the past years, blessings have been bestowed upon us.

I have inherited a full-time caregiving job upon transitioning and moving into a new home along with moving in my Uncle James, we call him Uncle Bones, and a dear longtime friend, sister, mentor and roommate Delfina.

My Uncle who moved in with us is my Mother’s eldest brother, and an Uncle I have always been very fond of, for he has always been very kind and loving to me.  This was an unexpected call of duty rendered me, considering the many challenges and circumstance I have had to face in the interim upon committing. I must say, I am now extremely honored.

It wasn't that easy at the beginning.  I was very distraught, frustrated, mad, and confused.  I had my fears and doubts in my ability to sustain such responsibility.  I feared of not doing things right or knowing if I really could do it, but God knew!  God has shown me, that I am able to do anything I want to do, especially, when I depend on him for my help. Which I have done, and still do.

My Uncle, as well as family members and myself, have truly been blessed.  Since I have committed to the full-time responsibility of caring for him, God has allowed me the blessing to see His prevailing grace upon both my Uncle and me. Through every challenge and every difficulty, God has bestowed upon me strength in more ways than I could have imagined, nor could I convey.

Since December 01, 2014, my Uncle and I have been living together at the suggestion from his Doctor, he no longer lives alone, so we moved him from his home in with me. During this time, not only have I had the chance, but the pleasure of ministering to my Uncle, now more than I was able before.  Sharing God's word, my testimony, and experiences in my life, which led me to Christ.  Again I say, I can’t begin to tell everyone how God is moving and blessing us in this situation. 

Here's an example of what one of the blessings look like: One day, one of our assistant Pastors from Mt Sinai church, Pastor Cartheren, a dear loving brother in Christ, was the responding Pastor of the month. When he received my call, he immediately responded humbly to my request. I ask him for prayer for my Uncle prior to him going into the hospital for surgery. Not just for his recovery and healing, but his salvation.  Pastor Cartheren, at the last minute, graciously took the time to drive miles on an evening, after leaving his job on February 9th, 2015,  to come to our home, and bless my family, by sitting down sharing the word with my Uncle, praying and partaking in communion with both him and me.  I am so filled with gratitude and thanksgiving to God for the love and support my family has received from Mt Sinai and it's members. 

For those of you who did not know, my Uncle's surgery was a success. It was a surgery that needed to take place. If he hadn’t had this surgery, my Uncle would have been paralyzed for the rest of his life. God is good and merciful!   He uses whom he pleases to bless others. A year later, my Uncle had another surgery to prevent him from having to get his toe cut off, and again, God intervened and the foot is healing. The consistent follow-ups with the doctors observing him and the many more surgeries and hospital emergencies visit, and stays have been plenty frightening, but he's still here and we are still rejoicing.

I love the Lord, trust, and know that He is working and moving things in the order He pleases.  I do not worry, because I know things are always changing and are most of the time when it comes to aging out of our control.  So I surrender, by holding steadfast to the word of God, with confidence, patience’s, faith, and trust in the Lord.  When we lift our burdens and one another to God in prayer, we must believe and know, the promise has been fulfilled.

Many times I am absent from participating in family,  friend gatherings, sometimes church,  engagements and many extended invites to events and such, but know that my intentions are good and can be favorable sometimes, but not as much as I would like always. My situation is difficult, challenging and sometimes complicated and I am not always so freely relieved from the duties and care of my Uncle as other may want me. And he's not always having good days. 

My Uncle is 82 years old, and he is not quite 100% capable of fending for himself.  My Uncle has many complications and physical challenges that require around the clock assistance and support.  This is why he has ended up having to live with a relative, and he and God chose me.  I tell you, those who do not know, caregiving is not easy at all, and not everybody can do it, even with hired help. It requires managing them too. Remember, hired hands are paid hands, and they are to be trusted, meet the requirements as expected, with honest care and love.  

So please, be patient with me, considering my absence, commitments, my church, my ministry within the church, my family, and friends. Many things are currently taking place in order to create a structure for the both of us so that we both are reassured, comfortable and respectfully honored in this long-term commitment. 

I haven’t any doubts with regards to what God is doing in both mine and my Uncle’s life. I am grateful that the worthy call has been granted me. It has truly opened my eyes and is blessing me and my family in many ways.  Love requires true commitment and sacrifice-and God knows exactly what we all need.

Thank you all for your love and support,  through your patience, prayers, visits, and invites to both me and my Uncle Bones. Your contribution to our lives has truly made a profound difference. The juggle is hard, but God's mercy and grace are greater, and He gives me strength when needed.  Please keep us in your prayers still, because we need them, and I will do the same for you. 

Oh by the way!  In case you didn't know it.  I do take prayer requests.  Send your prayer request in a small envelope to P.O.Box 1402, Culver City, CA 90232.  I will put it on my prayer alter and leave it sealed because God will already know what it says, but I will pray for it. You will receive an email or text message that will only present you with a picture of angels wings so that you will know, your prayer has been lifted up.

I love you. Many blessings

Madelyn D. Commodore (aka Miss Mac)